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The Truth Is

Posted On September 17, 2018 at 5:10 am by / No Comments

“I have lived. I have failed. I have lost my mind. But the greatest thing I have ever done was got back up.”


The Truth Is

The other day I heard a woman say she was sick of men because they lie, they cheat, and steal your time.  After examining my broken heart it wasn’t hard to disagree.  Here, I was ending my second marriage looking at time through a window of bitter sorrow.  However, I couldn’t get the Amen quite out without stuttering because in my peripheral vision I saw my sons. Did I really believe that men was no good? Well, then what did that say about me, the creator of Life?  No, I refused to believe such poison.  

Man is beautiful, and wonderfully made.  We reflect each other.   I live in truth.

The truth is: Every one is not made for you and because they were not made for you does not mean that they are bad.  You can’t eat from every tree and live.   You can only eat for what your body was designed for. 

A lot of women aren’t aware of their God status.  We have been psychologically raped of our identity.  Therefore, we can not see God, neither the less reach God.  

So it is my humble prayer that the Most High guide us into the knowledge of Self.

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