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Prayer For Mothers

Posted On September 27, 2018 at 2:18 pm by / No Comments

I gave my child what I thought to be simple instructions and her response was like I told her to climb Mt. Everest.  I gave her some choice words and I watched her transform into godzilla in front of my eyes. Who’s child is this, I thought.  What am I doing wrong as a parent?  I grew up in times where there was no room for talk just the straight beat down when you dared to disrespect your elders.  However, I remained calm and reminded her who she was because sometimes in the world such as this we tend to forget who we are.  Social media, television programs, other children, etc. can attempt to program or impose their beliefs into your household.  In my house my religion is love.  Love respects their elders.  Love works as a team.  Love takes care of their body, their temple.  I reminded her that is what her community was and is about.  As my mother would say, we are in this world but not of it.  Although, I believe in spankings one can not always result in this type of punishment because of the lack of patience.  We are our children’s first teacher.  I remember when both of my two middle children were auguring so bad I magically flew up the steps about to become lightning on a tree.  Instead, I grabbed both of their hands. They at first yanked back, thinking I was going to make them hug each other or something in that nature.  I did not make them do anything. I grabbed their hands.  I prayed for a long time asking God to help me as their mother.  When I was done, they turned and apologized and hugged one another without me demanding them to.  Did the fighting stop? Yes, but they still have their moments.  As adults we have our moments.  There are times when life spanks us and times when life teaches us.  Whatever, is instilled in us is how we survive it.

Today My prayer goes like this:

I am patient, filled with the wisdom of God, with love directing my steps.

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